Small Craft Services ltd - environmental statement 


Small Craft Services Ltd has made the following environmental commitments. It's a start...

  • The offices of Small Craft Services Ltd at the registered business address are powered by electricity from 100% renewable sources.
  • The workshops of Small Craft Services Ltd are powered by electricity from 100% renewable sources 
  • The BSS is to continue to be consulted about reducing examiner journeys and officially endorsing video and photographic retests (as of Aug 2021 they do not have a formal policy but do widely condone and acknowledge the practice is widespread). 
  • Tom Keeling undertakes to continue to reduce journeys by combining work in areas, and in particular continuing to work with hire fleets to split journeys and share between companies with bases in the same locality. 
  • Tom Keeling undertakes to reduce journeys made to private boats by tightening the work area radius further and combining retests and visits to marinas into single visits to localities. 
  • From Sept 2021 Small Craft Services will begin becoming an entirely paperless business, unless a customer can not access the internet and requires important documentation in paper format. Reports and invoicing have been electronic for some time, and this now continues with all field notes being written electronically and all filing being completed electronically, from 1 Sept 2021 onwards. 
  • Tom Keeling will continue to encourage hire operators and new private boat buyers to look only at serial hybrid or sole electric propulsion, and continues to work with the market leaders to promote and develop this opportunity.
  • In marine surveying, Tom Keeling will continue to promote repair and rebuilding over replacement where this is possible, with a view to promoting sustainability and reuse within the industry. This of course includes promoting prevention and maintenance best practice with colleagues and industry partners, of which Tom has been a driving force for many years. 
  • Finally, Small Craft Services Ltd will work towards adoption of an electric vehicle (or alternative liquid-fuel) for all company works from (the latest) 2025. Tom Keeling asserts that he will take the appropriate environmental decision regarding vehicles when his current vehicle becomes due for replacement.