Insurance Surveys 


Prices for steel narrowboats, email for others

Hull Survey £490 

Usually undertaken for owners whose insurers have asked for a hull condition survey in order to obtain fully comprehensive insurance. Tom's reports are acceptable by all insurers and are produced and delivered within 7 days. All reports are submitted in secure Adobe Acrobat format via email. This survey is also usually acceptable to purchasers within a reasonable timescale. 

It is important to find out exactly what kind of survey your insurance company requires, prior to commissioning a survey. It is also important to ask if they require a valuation, as this is easily done at the time of survey and less so afterwards!

Surveys are aided by the latest in ultrasonic testing equipment with the ability to measure through hull coatings (where this is necessary, such as to preserve an epoxy coating). 

IN-water Survey £575

In-water surveys might be requested by insurers where a recent hull survey exists, but they require a full survey of the vessel. The in-water survey is a "top-up" and is added to the hull survey by the insurer to complete a picture. Will include a valuation if required and cover all internal aspects of the vessel that the insurer requires assessing. A BSS cert can be added for £75 inc. VAT. 

Full out of water Survey £650

Insurers are now increasingly requiring "full out of water surveys" for boats aged 25 years plus. This survey covers these requirements, including the hull survey and in-water survey into one; but note this is not the equivalent of a full pre-purchase survey, this is aimed at meeting the needs set out by various insurance companies. Includes a valuation if required, and a BSS cert can be added for £75 inc. VAT.