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Retail Prices 2021

 BSS Examinations (within 25 miles of Alcester)  

 Boat Safety Examination, to include
  • full BSS examination for private leisure or live aboard (no bubble tester is required)
  • full gas tightness test by gas safe registered engineer, including gas leak detection and trouble shooting - note most examiners can not offer this 
  • free but fully-insured technical advice, including best and most economical repair methods - note most examiners are not able or insured to offer this 
  • free help with on the spot simple repairs 
  • travel costs 
  • retest visit if required
  • certificate charges levied by CRT (£51.40 per certificate issued)
  • VAT @ 20%
  • No interpretation of the rules, just even-handed application delivered plainly and consistently. 
 (within 25 miles of Alcester)   £200 inc. VAT

Above price is for a typical fully fitted narrowboat with fixed engine, permanent fuel system, electrical systems, LPG systems and range of appliances. The less you have the less you pay:

If I issued the most recent BSS certificate on the boat, the fee is reduced to £190 inc. VAT
If you have a bubble tester, the fee is reduced to £190 inc. VAT
If you have an outboard engine, and no other fixed engine, the fee is reduced to £170 inc. VAT 
If you have multiples of the above, the fee is reduced to £160 inc. VAT

If you have a simple day style boat, with outboard and electrics only, and no LPG, the fee is £130     

 Surveys (within 40 miles of Alcester - please call for prices and availability outside this area)


Narrowboat Hull Survey    £425 inc. VAT 
Widebeam Narrowboat Hull Survey £450 inc. VAT
In-water Survey £525 inc. VAT
Narrowboat Full Survey  £695 inc. VAT (BSS Certificate issue available for cost of cert at £55, free retest locally)


Narrowboat Insurance Hull Survey    £425 inc. VAT (valuation for insurance possible and usually free) 

Narrowboat Full Out-of-Water Insurance Survey  £540 inc. VAT

Widebeam Narrowboat Hull Survey £450 inc. VAT 

 Hull Survey, riveted historic narrowboat   £475 inc. VAT  (includes an additional engineer to which costs at least double the extra charge)

Hull Survey, riveted historic barge, by special agreement only (extra labour required as above)     £705 inc. VAT

Valuation (stand-alone, not being carried out alongside the above)    £222 inc. VAT

LPG Work     

£54 plus VAT per hour (limited availability only)

LPG Landlords Certificate - £94 plus VAT plus travel depending on distance - call for info

Inland Waterways Helmsman Courses 

Please contact Bob Strachan at Tillerfolk School of Boating - 

Small Craft Services Ltd is VAT registered No. 367 6449 52 

Payment is due on production of invoice, and can be made by cheque or bank transfer.